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HEALTHKEY WELLNESS SOLUTIONS: We follow the Affordable Care Act when we suggest a medical home to you. This helps the provider to know the patient and vice versa. We use Direct Primary Care (DPC) to accomplish this goal. Check out our value plans. We also offer our Afterhour Minute Clinic services and Weight Loss Clinic as well. Use cash or credit card to pay for services. THE HEALTHKEY CLINIC: Use an indiviual's insurance plan to cover healthcare services.

HealthKey Clinic is credentialed with several

insurance companies: Medicare, Medicaid, Blue

Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare and more.

Call for more information. 601-455-8881

THOROUGH WEIGHT LOSS visits when you come to HealthKey Wellness Solutions.

The Direct Primary Care practice doesn't file insurance claims, but the health care provider works directly for the patient. In turn, the patient can pay the provider directly for their services, essentially taking the insurance company out of the equation.

Insurance Coverage

What is DPC?

A valid ID with Credit Card services may be used. If you desire to use our direct primary care services and you have insurance, you will be able to file your own claims to get reimbursed from your insurance company. Otherwise, we will be glad to receive cash for your payments of services render at time of service. We use the SQUARE and MERCHANT systems for payment. If you use your insurance and you have high deductibles, we suggest this is a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to help keep healthcare cost at a mimimal.

Credit Cards and Cash Payments

FREE education TV available to watch in the waiting room.

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